Sunday, February 7, 2010

Going Green 101 with Deborah Dolen

How to "Go Green" with Class While Going Natural as Well excerpt by Deborah Dolen

Of course you separate your empty cans from your glass bottles and make sure paper products also go in dedicated bins meant just for them. You even bought those hideous looking bags at the grocery store to make a statement that you do not need paper bags. You are the recycling role model for your community. But what about you?

Going green is not a theory it is a lifestyle. Going green does not always mean going natural or saving money, so you need to pick a denomination of the concept that promotes all three. I have always preached going green while going natural and saving money. Possibly because I do not sell expensive windmills, not that I dislike windmills. I think everyone should have a windmill. Good practices have to "work" in real life and have a great benefit or people are just not going to have any real on-going commitment. Saving the wallet and protecting health does come before saving the world.
My biggest reason for going green was my health.

My largest concern has gone diluted in all of my years of writing. My largest reason for going green is my health. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs over 60% of what is put on it - which goes right into our blood stream. The health costs of what non-green products have done to our general health is astronomical. Do you understand the water you shower with goes right into your body? Get your "green" priorities straight before you are too sick to pick a bin in which to recycle what you are trying to throw out.

Address your water first and what you put on your skin, second. Work from the inside out in your going green effort. It is my opinion you cannot filter water enough and that is a complete novel of its own. And 99% of bottled water is a major farce not to mention a plastics load on the environment, so do not look there. Filter everything, and twice if you can. And do not forget filtering does not kill bacteria or pharmaceuticals dumped in our water sources.
When I opened my first apothecary in Houston a lady asked me what I thought of a rash on her neck and chest-not that I am a Doctor but hers sure did not have a clue. She said she had suffered horribly for several years. I simply asked her a question and she came up with her own answer. "Is that where your shower water hits you?" I asked her. And the same situation a few months later with a child who had a rash feet to his trunk. I asked "does he bathe instead of shower and would that be his general water line?" I do not sell water purifiers and it is a pity because it is my most important "I was right" moments. Consider this is just bathing not including ingesting. Read up more on my water articles because I cover a lot of area and will always continue writing on water. As far as purifiers, I think Consumer Reports listed Amway (of all things)-to be superior in that market. Once we get past your phenomenological world, then read about going green in the home. Using cloth towels over paper towels is a huge savings and one of my biggest in my house hold. I think I save over $800 a year while also saving trees.
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