Monday, February 1, 2010

People of the Corn by Deborah Dolen

People of the Corn by Deborah Dolen

Did you know what you eat ends up being in the molecular structure of your hair? Ian Cheney and Curtis Ellis, producers of King Corn found this out in college. You truly are what you eat. If that is not creepy enough for you, try what you put on your skin goes right into your blood stream. This was how nicotine patches were invented. Transdermal was a cooler sounding word, as opposed to toxins slathered on skin, [your largest organ and defender of your immune system] so it was branded ‘transdermal nicotine dosage.’ Just sounds classier.

Back to corn, so, when Ian Cheney and Curtis Ellis figured out corn was a significant component of their hair DNA it resulted in a delightful and insightful film for all of us that followed the business of corn as well as the food and people chain. Support our researchers, rent the film! We are all “people of the corn.” Are you a vegan? It is your lucky day! YOU ARE the poster child for People for the Corn! I highly suggest the well done movie just to understand why we are all people of the corn. The movie King Corn also serves another purpose. It has gorgeous footage of Iowa and reminds us of what a real farm town looks like and where we all come from. I plan to replay it just to pretend I took that country vacation I never was able to take. As far as our roots, there was a time everyone was a farmer until we figured out how to feed a world on two square inches of land. Also refreshing, King Corn it is not a documentary full of scare tactics at all, and not so much alarming or upsetting as simply factual. Bottom line is the movie still teaches you facts about your body you should know. It certainly has me re-thinking everything that goes in my mouth or kids mouth. Do I really want to be a corn stalk when it is all over? Noooooo. I want to be a cocoa bean and I only pray they find chocolate and loads of it in my hair.

What I find most moving is the entire photo of the genetically modified issue and messing with DNA discussed in my previous writings. The boys that produced King Corn did not “go there” [GM issue] and most likely because they would like a peaceful life and to raise kids. But let’s “go there.” Enter genetically modified corn and the fact the butterflies and bees cannot even begin to deal with the pollen from GM corn. Cornell University proved it with the Monarch butterflies. We do know genetically modified pollen drops the immune system of the butterfly to almost zero. So then, that raises the obvious question “what does consuming genetically modified corn do to us? If the patented DNA from Monsanto is found in my hair they own me and everyone else – the Supreme Court has upheld this, and Canada too, regarding near by farms accidentally getting the Monsanto seed-being liable to Monsanto - even though the Farm had no direct knowledge it possessed the DNA patented by Monsanto. It is not unrealistic to think Monsanto could own us and our hair.

That is not even as concerning as this next question: If GM Corn reduces the Monarchs’ immune system-and we are made of corn, does this play any role in immune system breakdowns of people? The amount of immune disorders of humans seems endless and more expansive over the last 20 years. Why? Does a genetically modified food compromise our immune systems?

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