Friday, June 3, 2011

Twitter Deborah Dolen | Deborah Dolens 20 Twitter Favorites

Twitter Deborah Dolen @DeborahDolen on Twitter

I love Twitter so much because you can perform a focus search on just about anything you are interested in. If you are into DIY, you can read educational news and posts about anything in DIY, and if you feel like it-you can even participate in the conversation. The same is true for couponing, if you are into coupons, or even environmental postings you can select that area to learn how to "go green."

I think Twitter will play a huge role in the next Presidental election. Never before have so many people been able to post ideas, during their busy schedules, and share why they feel what about who and why. I wonder if we won't all get on line some day to simply click a button to elect our president. Beyond polictics, DIY, crafting, and coupons-you can even follow your favorite music artist, sports, or just stay current on the news. I follow sports, mainly NASCAR and horse racing. Other area's I follow are the perfume makers as they always have neat ideas.

Cooking up a storm? Probably the best recipes in the world are shared on Twitter. I have many friends on Twitter who are Chefs. I find their posts amusing and informative. Suggested people to follow? Here is my list of who I enjoy following on Twitter: [Join me on Facebook because most of these people are my Facebook friends also!]

Happy Twittering - Twitter Deborah Dolen and my Dog Ringo too!



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