Thursday, May 12, 2011

Deborah Dolen Saratoga NY Summer 2011

Photo Deborah Dolen
Now that I have passed a major bench mark in my life, I am getting back to writing. I am super excited to say some of my writing will take place this summer in Saratoga, NY. I will be in Saratoga for the the "Traverse," which is the oldest thoroughbred horse race in America. With any luck "Uncle Mo" will be there and I can visit with him. I grew up walking and grooming the most beautiful thoroughbreds on the planet, at Saratoga - and for the best Jockeys; Cordero, Shoemaker, and Belmonte to name a few.

As far as Saratoga in August, I am trying to fly in early because Train and Maroon 5 play at Saratoga Performing Arts on the 9th or so of August. I will be visiting a few wineries and a pefumery while I am in upstate NY. If I have it my way I will be right back up there for the change of trees and skiing in Vermont this year. Books I have planned are two - one about making perfume which is more of a DIY endeavor and one "fiction" about the BP oil spill because I really think there was more to that than ever met the eye.

I love making perfume, I think it is like "golf" is to many people - (and I do not like golf) but proponents of golf say it is a "challange" between your own self and a challange that can never really be won. So, they are attracted to a sport they can improve at, but never really "win" and that is very much like the past time of making perfume.

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