Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Dog’s Stoic Loyalty - Story from Japan’s Tsunami

One Dog’s Stoic Loyalty - from Japan’s Tsunami by Deborah Dolen

Two dogs were rescued from Sendai by a CEO of a pet food company, Kenn Sakurai, but not before millions of people around the globe saw the moving video of one disoriented pooch locating and then standing by another dog who was injured. Viewers then watched the patient efforts one the one pooch trying to wake the other one up. Even Cesar Millan Tweeted to me that it brought “tears to his eyes.” [@CesarMillan if you want to follow that great guy on Twitter!] The video touching hearts world wide is here:

After seeing the video everyone wondered the fate of the two dogs. The camera men took a lot of flack for leaving the dogs there. “They were located and removed by dirt bikes with cages strapped on the back,” said Kenn Sakurai. But the rescuer, the owner of the pet food company, made it clear there were many more. It took them 2 hours to ride them to the nearest shelter in Mito, Ibaraki-ken. Both dogs had ID chips and their respective owners have been identified. Regarding Sendai animals in general, there are reports of two horses refusing to leave their deceased owner. Witnesses said that is something that cannot be on video, naturally.

World Vets is committed to helping and The Humane Society International is shipping $120,000 worth of supplies and equipment to Japan. If you want to see about my dog, Ringo, was rescued from Katrina. He had swam in the levees at least 24 hours. I am about to get another Retriever and I anticipate naming him or her “Sendai.”

Some of the longest footage of the Tsunami is here:

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