Sunday, October 17, 2010

Deborah Dolen Amazon's Whispernet

I love Amazon's digital text platform so much I am posting all of my 27 books on it. Amazon DPT (digital text platform) is also known as Amazon Kindle Whispernet. To see my new author page Amazon designed for me, click Deborah Dolen Amazon. My first books on Amazon Whispernet are The Beekeeper's Digest and Kitchen Art's Collection which include my favorite spice and seasoning recipes, gifts in jars and the like. One basic recipe to make dip mix was posted last month in BlogSpot. Other recipes can be found at Deborah Dolen RSS Syndication and Mabel White RSS Syndication.

The next books headed over to Amazon's Kindle platform includes The London Apothecary and Gracechurch, a small apothecary observational I wrote while filming in London. Click here for my most popular books on Mabel White. In case you missed them here are a few how to and recipes from my books:

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