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Monsanto's Trojan Horse: Dead Bees and Butterflies by Deborah Dolen

For those who do not know what “Monsanto” is allow me the opportunity to describe Monsanto in a nutshell: Number one, Monsanto is a faceless corporation. Number two, Monsanto is the maker of the fantastically popular RoundUp [yes the weed killer.] RoundUp™) made so much money the 1970’s the Monsanto corporation was able to fund more scrupulous and lofty goals. These aspirations would normally be only imagined in a movie destined for the theatre. Monsanto’s main agenda? It appears to be controlling the food supply but Monsanto representatives will claim they are just an honest corporation trying to protect their work and make a profit. Twenty years ago, with beaucoup profits from RoundUp in hand, Monsanto was able to finance the seduction of legislators and secure the first patents approved on a seed.

“The patent recognition of a seed in the early 1970’s by Monsanto can be considered one of the worst things that happened to the American population since the atrocities of WWI.”

Monsanto went on to mercilessly sue farmer’s around the world for inadvertently infringing on their patent-meaning DNA of the plant (seed) showed up across the street via bird droppings and every other act of nature. Apparently “intent” is not a criteria of the tort to be a civil action and Monsanto prevailed. We have little case law on seeds because it is so new. My opinion is Monsanto legally attached themselves to the face of the North American farmer and sucked their brains, morale and life savings out-taking the American citizen with them. Monsanto did nothing legally wrong, and in fact were victims of patent infringement.

The Bees and Butterflies of Monsanto

In early 2007 a truck load of live bees arrived in California from Florida purchased to pollinate major vegetation. Mouths dropped as the truck was opened only to find a bunch of deceased bees. After that bees started dying by the semi-truck load and a map of what states they were dying in was the only immediate analysis that could be done. According to the Environmental Protection Agency the states hardest hit included Illinois and Iowa-you guessed it, homes to the largest soybean productions in the United States.

Most of 2007 and 2008 were spent importing bees from other countries, countries we normally ban from imports of bee products. The reason why United States bees were dying was been blamed on everything from cell phones to aliens. The answers were about as clear, colorful and diverse as who shot Tupac. Somewhere in the murmuring the phenomena was given the name of Colony Collapse Disorder.

In another related field researchers at Cornell University had already established why Monarch butterflies were having reproductive issues. Cornell researchers isolated as early as 1999 that pollen from genetically modified corn kills Monarch butterflies. Cornell issued this of many writings Engineered Corn Kills Monarch Butterflies. [] All they had to do was dust butterflies with the genetically modified corn pollen and they died. Bees also partake of the same pollen and why it only lends itself into the bee Colony Collapse Disorder equation.

It is my opinion if Monsanto is ever found culpable for their patented seeds perverting our environment Monsanto will be liable for damages that far exceed the Exxon oil spill. It is also my opinion it is only a matter of time the public figures out this is a problem we can do something about. If it is ever found and prevailed in a court of law they would have to reimburse each state for damages so far reaching it would not be calculable. I see them as the Enron of the environment.

A farmer sued by Monsanto said it best “At the present time start of 2009 “Farmer’s say: There is Nobody Left” and when you go up against Monsanto “How Much Justice Can You Afford?”

Deborah R. Dolen is Editor in Chief of Mabel White Home Living and an environmental photo journalist.

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